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Inclusive, Understanding & Just. 

“Four things belong to a judge: to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially.”

– Socrates

Why I Am Running

For over 25 years now, Tobin has been a zealous voice for the accused in the widest possible variety of scenarios. From those charged with disturbing the peace to death-penalty cases, his has been a career of defending the most vulnerable, the disadvantaged, and the mentally ill. The humblest and most deserving amongst us.
After several years in Washoe County’s misdemeanor and felony system, Tobin moved on to the juvenile division, devoting 18 years to defending the young people of Washoe County, helping them to avoid being cast forward into the adult prison system that can be so harmful to developing minds that have yet to fully comprehend the impacts of their actions. He fought these cases because it was the right thing to do, both for today’s youth and tomorrow’s communities.

With greater empathy comes a greater and more profound sense of ourselves, a more honest and connected us. Justice for all because we all have a shared stake in one another. Neighbor supporting the neighbor. Holding them responsible and accountable to the whole. Invested in each other, making our civic life better, more open, more accessible, and fair under the law.